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The First Time Ever I saw Your Face

The 4-D sonogram is the latest state of the art technology from General Electric. The commercial they air to promote their invention shows the face of a woman seeing her baby for the first time. While background music plays "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," an announcer says,

"When you see your baby for the first time on the new G.E. 4-D ultrasound system, it really is a miracle."

Distinct from the normal 2-D ultrasound that many mothers have had, G.E.'s latest innovation shows a mother a highly detailed colored motion picture of the baby in her womb.

The new 4-D sonogram allows mothers to see and hear a beating heart at six weeks and, with absolute clarity, the baby sucking its thumb at 10 weeks. The moving colored images are unmistakably clear and distinct, like watching television. Pre-natal maternal bonding that normally occurs when an expectant mother first feels her baby moving within, around 15 weeks, occurs far sooner with 4-D ultrasound . It's this bonding within the early stages of the first trimester that has caused many women with an unwanted pregnancy to change their mind and opt for life. Young women like 17-year-old Stephanie Monegro. The high school dropout was two months pregnant when she went to a Crisis Pregnancy Center.

There she was asked if she would like to have a 4-D sonogram.

"When I saw my first sonogram of the baby and I burst into tears, I thought, why would I want to kill something that is living?"

This new technology is helping pregnant women make informed decisions based on all the evidence and wise counsel available to them. Today, women in their first trimester of pregnancy can see with their own eyes sacred life within the womb.

Indeed when women who are considering abortion see a sonogram, and the indisputable scientific evidence of live action within the womb, sixty percent of them choose not to have an abortion.

Listen to the heartbeat. Look at the sucking thumb. Cast your eyes on that tiny little face, Mom. It's the first time you've ever seen her. You can watch her develop throughout your pregnancy. You will never forget these moments. She's absolutely beautiful, isn't she? Still in utero, but very, very, much alive! Some day you'll say to her as you hold her on your lap,

"Honey, I'll never forget the first time I ever saw your face!"