Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm not Catholic.  How can I learn more about the Catholic Faith?
A. Non-Catholics who wish to learn more about the Catholic Faith are invited to join us at Information Nights. Please note that our goal is to provide understanding, not to engage in controversy. Catholics who have not received First Eucharist are also welcome. Our next session will be in October at a location to be announced.

For those who wish to explore joining the Catholic Church, we conduct an Inquiry program each summer on Wednesday evenings 7:30-9 PM. Our first session will be Wednesday July 2, 2003.

Adult Catholics who wish to receive First Eucharist and Confirmation are invited to join us in the Inquiry program described above. Those who have received First Eucharist and wish to receive Confirmation are invited to join the Basic Catholicism Class described below.

Q. I'm currently a non-practicing Catholic but want to rejoin.  What do I need to do?
A. Catholics who are not attending church regularly and wish support in returning are invited to our Welcome Home program. This meets on five Tuesday evenings shortly after Christmas and Easter. Presentations cover Catholic Marriage, the Mass and Reconciliation, since these are popular subjects. However, all questions are encouraged and will be answered. Our next sessions will be in January.

For adult Catholics already familiar with their Faith we offer a 13-week course on the Basics of Catholicism which provides an in depth review of basic Catholic teachings. While many take it to prepare for Confirmation, it is also of value to those whose knowledge of the Faith has grown rusty since their CCD classes and are facing the challenges of living the Faith as adults. The series will next be offered Thursday evenings, 7:30 - 9:30 pm starting September 11. Please see the Parish Bulletin for details.

Q. Can I obtain Communion when I canít get to Church?
A. Yes, however this is only for Sunday Communion only.

Each Sunday lay ministers bring communion to more than a hundred parishioners unable to attend mass due to illness or age. This includes parishioners confined to their homes, in Retirement Homes, in Hospitals and in Extended Care Facilities. These lay ministers are designated by the pastor and commissioned by the Bishop for this service.
For communion at home please call the rectory office (963-1811) to be placed on the list. Communion will usually be brought between 10 and 12 am Sunday morning, though in some cases we bring it during the week instead.

Requests received after close of business Friday usually do not reach the lay minister in time for that Sunday. Once you are on the list we will continue to bring communion each week automatically.

Q. What locations already have Communion delivered?
A. We conduct a Communion Service at Carmel and Parkhurst Retirement Homes at 10 am each Sunday.

Lay ministers visit Manor Care and the Transitional Care Unit behind Fountain Valley Hospital between 9 and 10 am Sundays. These facilities maintain a list of Catholics requesting communion at the desk. However a call to the rectory is also advised as their lists are often incomplete.

For communion at Fountain Valley or Orange Coast Memorial Hospital, please call the rectory office (963-1811) early Friday to ensure the message reaches the assigned minister in time. Requests received after close of business Friday usually don't reach the lay minister in time for that week. The lay minister will visit between 9 and 10 am on Sunday.

For other hospitals please call the rectory of the parish in which that hospital is located.

Q. Do you conduct off-site masses?
A. Yes.  There is a mass at Carmel Retirement Home at 10 am the first Wednesday of each month and at Parkhurst Retirement Home at 10 am the third Wednesday of each month.
Q. What if I need a priest, such as in the case of an emergency?
A. If a priest is needed - for Anointing of the Sick, Confession, etc. - please call the rectory (963-1811) during normal business hours. For emergencies, i.e. danger of death, call 963-1811 at any time and the answering service will page a priest.